Film Projects

Running List of Film Projects/Shorts that I have completed – mostly during my time at Wake Forest.

“Simian Spook”

A short horror film made for my independent study. A student finds himself confronting his childhood in the form of a clingy, homicidal sock monkey.


Told in the form of a goofy homage to “Interstellar”, one student who refuses to grow up will stop at nothing to purchase the limited edition Blu-Ray – even if it means dragging his stuck-up friend along. Made for my Digital Media Production class this spring. Co-directed/filmed with Caroline Lee. A special thanks to Max Dosser, and Caroline Lee, for agreeing to act in this film.

“‘Kid’s Snippet’ Parody/Homage: ‘Interrogation'”

Based heavily/inspired by Bored Shorts TV’s series of the same name (especially this one), this was a video I helped film and edit for InterVarsity’s Lady’s Night 2015. In it Scooby (Blake Antal) and Shaggy (Avery Horton) must interrogate three members of a ship’s crew in order to see who has killed the Captain. Idea formulated and written by John Zmuda. Special thanks to Mr. Kevin Boyd and his children for providing the audio.


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