Graphic Design

In case it was not obvious already, I love cinema. I also love cinematic film compositions and often consider the best of these to be among the greatest pieces of music being crafted today. This flier is promoting a fictionalized event that brings together two of my personal favorite film composers – Hans Zimmer and John Powell – for a live performance at Joel Coliseum. Because both men have done significant work in the realm of animated films, including a collaboration on Kung Fu Panda 1 & 2, it is appropriate for such to be the theme of the night’s event. Not a “C” was spared as the event was aptly named “Cartoon Composers at the Coliseum.”

The film titles were placed beneath their respective composers (with Kung Fu Panda in the middle to signify their joint-work on it) and made to look like music notes. John Powell’s name is in “Viking” font to signify his work on How to Train Your Dragon 2. Similarly, the text beneath Hans Zimmer is in “Batman Forever” font to signify his work on Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.



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