Idea moving forward

Seeing as I am sort of new to film reviewing (and let’s face it — still quite an amateur), I am thinking about shifting focus to two kinds of films that seem to be overlooked by the swarth of online film reviewers that exist.

1.) Non-Disney/Pixar animation: With the focus that everyone has on these animated films, I feel the need to conduct more reviews on those lesser known ones. Sure, this would include films by other American companies that aren’t really “obscure” but still lack the amount of attention other films get, but also foreign animation. Films like those made by Studio Ghibli and Cartoon Saloon deserve some more recognition and hopefully, hopefully it can help give them their day in the sun (and heck, maybe even an Oscar at some point).

2.) Older movies: I love classic Hollywood, and especially love reviewing those older films that time seems to have forgotten about (Sayonara, The Agony and the Ecstasy, etc) — whether understandable or not. Plus I feel like we have enough people analyzing and reviewing mainstream, contemporary cinema. There should be someone who goes back and reviews older films.

I will also try to review more arthouse/foreign cinema while Hulu still has the Criterion Collection.

Of course I’ll continue to review all kinds of films – both old and new, mainstream and obscure – but thinking it over it seems like the aforementioned groups would be a good focus point.

But that’s just my take. What do you think? Should I do more reviews  on these two/three groups in order to give these films more attention?

Also, as I mentioned in my last review I do now have a Letterboxd account with some more recent reviews. I should probably get them up on this site as well, but if you’re curious as to what films I saw recently you can see my profile by going here.

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