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Film Review: “The Flowers of St. Francis” (1950)

Roberto Rossellini’s The Flowers of St. Francis is a film I had not heard of until some weeks back. The story is simple enough. It follows a group of monks in medieval Europe as they live their lives, and learn lessons through various episodes that … Continue reading

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Underappreciated Gems?

Following up on my review of George Steven’s 1956 epic Giant, I decided to pose a question to anybody who may happen upon my site. Are there any favorite films that you feel are underappreciated – films that would fit nicely alongside America, America and Giant. Well-made movies that … Continue reading

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Film Review: “Giant” (1956)

Wow. Just wow. Here’s the classic case of an under-appreciated film that deserves a far greater legacy. Nobody seems to talk about it, yet once you give it a viewing you are left scratching your head as to why. Once again, I turn back … Continue reading

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Film Review: “Ivan’s Childhood” (1962)

I apologize if the following review doesn’t match up to the artistry of this film. Arthouse-type cinema is something of a new thing for me, starting a couple months back when I watched a couple of Bergman films. I still do … Continue reading

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Brief Film Review: “The Quiet Man” (1952)

A quick review for this film. Since it will be playing on TCM later tonight (10 PM EST) I thought that it would be a great idea to re-watch it and give a short review in case anybody was thinking … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Mission (1986)

The Mission is a 1986 historical drama film directed by Roland Joffé and starring Jeremy Irons (i.e. Scar from The Lion King – sorry, I needed to get it out of my system <shifty eyes>) and Robert De Niro. Much as … Continue reading

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Film Review: Children of Men (2006)

Earlier today, I thought about re-watching Federico Fellini’s 8 ½, which I watched last night. Then I thought of another film that I have been meaning to watch for a second time.While I still plan on giving Fellini’s film a second viewing soon and … Continue reading

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