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Zachary “Zak” Sanfilippo is a recent graduate of Wake Forest University who now works at WHEC-TV in Rochester, New York.

In May, he completed his BA with a double-major in Communication and Politics & International Affairs, as well as a minor in Film Studies. Ever since Christopher Nolan’s 2008 film The Dark Knight was released, Zak has had an interest in film. He hopes that upon graduation he will be able to find someplace in the industry to work.

While at college, Zak participated in numerous extracurricular groups and activities. He was a member of Wake TV as early as his freshman year. Most of his time spent with this group was as a writer for the news segment.  Every week he wrote two to three stories on things that were happening on or around campus. He spent his final year at Wake TV building experience in other aspects of film-making, including editing.

Zak assisted at the annual Reynolda Film Festival, which is an annual film festival held on the Wake Forest campus. In addition, he was a member of the Wake Forest chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Past organizations that Zak has been a member of includes Wake Forest Student Union, for which he spent two years as a member of the Special Events and Film committee. His participation in this group included the promotion of events on campus by distributing fliers, and working at occasional film viewings that were held weekly.

Further experience includes the opinion pieces that he has written for Wake Forest’s student-run newspaper, The Old Gold and Black. Zak wrote on a variety of subjects, such as Voter I.D. laws and College Internships. For the latter, he conducted a phone interview with Nathan Parcells, the Chief Marketing Officer for InternMatch.com, to obtain information about the reality of internships facing college students today. You can find samples of Zak’s work in the tab above entitled “My Writing.”

Last year, Zak was formally initiated into Wake Forest’s branch of Lambda Pi Eta – the Communication Honor Society. In 2014, he was elected by fellow members of the society to be secretary for his senior year.

In the summer of 2014, Zak interned at WROC Channel 8 News in Rochester, New York. Though unpaid, it proved to be an extremely worthwhile experience in teaching him not only how the news industry operated, but it also gave him better insight into the presentation of mass media and film in general. It was not an industry that Zak had considered, but after his time spent at the station this summer it has become a possibility. (Here is a link to the WROC Webpage: http://www.rochesterhomepage.net/home)

Before interning at WROC, Zak spent the last two summers working at Rochester General Hospital as a per-diem Gastrointestinal Technician.

Zak currently works as a part-time Associate Producer at WHEC-TV in Rochester, New York.

In his spare time Zak enjoys reading novels, watching films (some of his favorites include How to Train Your Dragon, The Dark Knight, Giant, Children of Men, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and Inglorious Basterds), cheering for the New York Giants, going for a jog, watching anime shows, and writing screenplays. His music playlists are eclectic, and are often filled with film music composed by brilliant artists such as Hans Zimmer, John Powell, and Alexandre Desplat.

He currently lives in Rochester, New York with his parents and two dogs – Koda (the Norwegian Elkhound, pictured left) and Gemma (the Pomeranian, pictured right)

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